Our Expertise

For your future project realizations, we provide you with our expertise and our know-how. Highly attentive to your requirements and needs, we study the possibilities in order to obtain tailored and optimized solutions.

We give the quality of the relations with our clients a huge importance in order to have a durable partnership. We attach great importance to the quality of the relationships we establish with our clients in order to build a lasting partnership.

We are endowed with means and competencies for different specialties such as that of Mechanics, Electricity, Instrumentation and Control Systems. We thus ensure the management and the execution of the following maintenance contracts:

  • Complete or partial maintenance of production facilities: the organization, the planification and the execution of the works or the execution of the maintenance operations can be covered under the conduct and the supervision of the client.
  • Preventive maintenance of the equipment and the tools consisting these facilities; Qualified personnel is at your disposal for interventions and supervisions

In terms of equipment, TURBELEC has equipped itself with adequate material resources and plans to expand its working tool through an ambitious investment program that is set up to provide flexibility, autonomy and reactivity.

Below are some examples:

-Container workshop for the revisions of Gas Turbines type GE, John Brown, Nuovo pignone

-Beam bundles harness robotized pendulum bundle extraction machine model 45T 7000 x 2000EL

-Robotic equipment for interior cleaning (Triple Lance Tube Cleaner);
-Robotic equipment for exterior cleaning with 5 nozzles and a control cabin;
-High pressure pump 1000 bar.

-Full tooling for retubing ¾ '' and 1 '' diameter
-HP Electric and Diesel pumps for cold and hot cleaning
-Hydrostatic test equipment

-Individual & collective tools
-Metrology Instruments
-Hydraulic and pneumatic clamping equipment
-Material for insulation
-Sandblasting equipment
-Lifting accessories
-Multidirectional scaffolding

-Electric Arc Welding Machine
-TIG Welding Machines
-Welding Generator
- Welding accessorie

-Air storage