Quality Management

Introduction :

Since its creation, TURBELEC has been unceasingly developing its services and its market shares.
This development has a direct link to the principles of confidentiality that it imposes and its rigor in line of the regulation which guarantees a sense durability and reliability.

TURBELEC Quality Policy:

TURBELEC is a company specialized in the maintenance of industrial, oil and gas facilities.

With a dynamic team of experts, it has set itself a major objective which is embodied in the satisfaction of its customers as well as that of its stakeholders.

The Quality Management System initiated since its creation is the driving force behind this ambition; it is a valuable tool on which it relies to continually improve its internal functioning and the quality of its service which also guarantees of its durability and its development.

In order to maintain this flow, TURBELEC is orienting its strategy towards the following areas of progress:

  • Expand and diversify its client portfolio;
  • Seeking excellence in the organization’s operating mechanisms and project management,
  • Management of intervention sites, resource management;
  • Be on the lookout for the best standards and management tools;
  • Strengthen its equipment fleet and optimize its supplies;
  • Strengthen the already-strong relationships with external service providers and partners;
  • Capitalize on experience and improve human resources skills;
  • Improve production.

Being the first manager of TURBELEC, I pledge to implement all means and resources necessary for the improvement of its Quality Management System.

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