Introduction :

Conscious of our wealth and our potential, we implement a very proactive policy for the safety and health protection of all our employees on their workstations.

We are also working on putting in place methods to better respect the environment and preserve the natural resources. Our company is committed to improving safety, its impact on the environment and its social responsibility.

HSE Policy

In order to meet the expectations of its customers in terms of health, safety and the environment, TURBELEC places permanently, the respect and the application of the HSE regulatory and conventional requirements, as permanent objectives in all its activities.

The management of TURBELEC adopts, as the absolute priority of its daily concerns, the control of the risks so as not to harm the worker, the goods or the environment.

TURBELEC ensures that:

  • Each of its agents, whatever their functions are, is aware of their personal responsibilities for their own safety and that of others;
  • Each of its agents is provided with the information and the training necessary to carry out the tasks entrusted to them safely;
  • Each subcontractor and each service provider, operating on its behalf, complies with the rules and the safety regulations in force;
  • The risks inherent in its activities are identified, analyzed and evaluated and the appropriate preventive measures are controlled;
  • All means are implemented for the application of HSE regulatory and conventional requirements.

More than a slogan or a directive, this Charter is a way of Being, Thinking and Acting which aims at the interest of the whole collective of agents of the TURBELEC Company in the search for excellence in hygiene, safety and environmental protection.

This Charter must be clearly displayed in all TUBELEC workplaces, it must be known to any new employee integrating TURBELEC.